How Do You Choose a Residential Roofing Contractor in Chicago, IL?

Residential Roofing Contractor Overview

If you need of a new roof or roof repair, you’ve likely discovered this much: there’s an abundance of residential roofing contractors in Chicago! If you need a reliable roofing company, seems to be the best possible pick.. How do you pick the best contractor to complete for roofing installation or replacement? Here are some tips:

Trusted Residential Roofings in Chicago, IL

Ask for recommendations. If a friend of yours had roof work done, ask them what they thought and who did their work. If people you know had a good experience, you are likely to as well.
Communicate with the contractor. How well does the contractor communicate with you? If they respond to your questions, phone calls, and emails in a timely fashion, they are more likely to continue to do so throughout the job. Who needs the stress of chasing someone down?

Check that they are insured. Be sure that they have liability insurance and worker’s comp! You can verify by calling their insurance carrier.
Verify they have the type of roofing you want. If you want a slate roof but your roofing contractor only installs shingle roofing, you’ve reached an impasse. There are many types of roofing including: shingle, slate, wood shake, flat roofing, and metal roofing.

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