How to remove snow from roof

Removing snow from roof – why is it so important?

If the winter in your area was severe, one of the main things you should consider is removing snow not only from a pavement near your house, but also from your roof. Removing snow from roof is crucial if you don’t want the ice dams to form on your roofing. Also the snow is claimed to be the main reason of roofs falling in the winter. We observed already some accidents like this. This may not only cause the damage to your house and increase the costs of maintenance, but also may be leathal to the residents of the house. Think twice before next time you neglect removing snow from your roof.

How to remove snow from roofing in home conditions

First of all, if you have some extra money you can invest in heat cables. It’s a way to prevent snow from pilling on your roof. But let’s be serious, not everyone got cash to throw away on heat cables, while snow is falling on everyone’s house. In a case you need some alternative way, simply use snow rakes. Also you can try buying the avalanche tool, which cost varies from $100 to $200. The alternative to this is buliding snow removal tool on your own. The tutorial how to do it, you can find below.

Building your own snow removal tool

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