Getting a new roof

New roof installation

Getting a new roof can be expensive, and it’s important that you plan your budget to get what you want so you don’t have to settle for a style, material or color that you don’t really like. After years working as a contractor, here’s how contractors bid roofing jobs and the factors that can raise or lower the price of a new roof. However, you you are looking for trusted and reliable roofing contractors, we recommend you one of the best roofing companies in the Chicago – ACA Roofing Contractors. Not only they are professional at work, but also really affordable. Give them a call and check it by yourself!

New roof cost:

  • The size of your home has a major impact on the cost of your roof, since most contractor’s price per square foot. This determines how much material the roofer needs to get and also helps estimate the manpower and time it will require.
  • If you have a sloped roof, your roof will likely be more expensive because it will require more materials.
  • How accessible is your roof? If you have multiple stories with eves, overhanging balconies, etc. your roofing quote will likely go up because it is more difficult to roof. If your property has chimneys or vents to work around your quote may also go up. Despite less material these provide obstacles and complicate the job further.
  • Where you live can also affect the price of your roof. Not every area has budget-friendly contractors available and some may charge more depending on the season or if it’s a rush job due to impending snowy or rainy seasons.

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