Hi folks! I’d like to greet everyone reading this blog. It may be just the first post, but I believe you will enjoy what is going to be written here. You can find on my blog tips and tricks about roofing, some of my roofing experiences and reviews of roofing contractors from Chicago. From time to time, a funny story have to be told. Otherwise I’m sure you will get bored too quickly.

Few Words About Me

I bet you wonder who am I and why did I even started writing this blog. Well, to not torture you any longer with curosity, I’ll asnwer straight. I’m retired roofing contractor who used to do the roofing not only in Chicago, but also abroad – in Europe. My experience as a roofing contractor is broad and wide open. Over 25 years of working in this profession taught me a lot. I learned quite much about roofing installation and repair services, but the most valuable lesson is humility. You may be surprised, or even shocked – what is this old man raving about? No way… Oh, yes. Believe me or not but even greatest roofing contractors will fail, when the forces of nature will sworn in to ruin the construction.

I won’t extend this, cuz it’s only my first post here. Stay tuned for more guys It’s just the beginning!

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