Which Material Should You Choose for Residential Roofing?

The Roofing Companies Chicago Relies Upon

When it is time to have your roof replaced, you have a lot of decisions to make. First, you have to decide between the many roofing companies Chicago is residence to. But then you also have to decide on a material for your roofing! Today, our friends at Eco Roofing Chicago will discuss some of the popular roofing options.

The Roofing Companies Chicago Should Call

The most popular roofing types include asphalt shingles, metal roofing, slate, wood shingles, wood shake, and synthetic shingles like vinyl or plastic. These are all great roofing options in their own right. Asphalt is perhaps the most popular and also the least expensive. Metal roofing is more expensive but lasts longer. Slate is the most expensive, but one of the most beautiful and durable roofing types. Wood offers a rustic look, but may be problematic in wet climates due to mold concerns. Synthetic shingles are also inexpensive and durable. When in doubt, ask a trusted roofing professional what works best in your area.


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