When Do You Need Window Replacement?

Window Replacement Chicago Can Trust

Windows are expensive! So when it comes to buying new windows or replacement windows, it can be a big deal for any homeowner. However, windows are incredibly important. They keep your home watertight while still allowing sunlight in so you don’t feel like you are living in a cave. They look nice. They help save energy. And there are plenty of other individualized reasons for window choices as well. But how do you know you need a window replacement? And how do you find the companies that provide window replacement Chicago can trust? We are here with New Edge to give you some tips.

Is window replacement necessary for you?

  • Can your window be repaired? If a repair is not an option, replacement is the obvious next step.
  • Do your current windows still open? If your windows don’t open, replacement windows may be necessary due to shifting foundations or various other reasons.
  • The window is in poor shape but the frames are in good condition. Window replacement does not replace the window frame, so this is crucial. If the window frame is deteriorating as well, completely new windows may be necessary.


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