How to Choose a Siding Contractor in Chicago, IL

So you’ve decided you want new siding on your home, or that you need a repair. Wonderful! New siding can spruce up any home. But now comes the stressful part: choosing a siding contractor. Which brings up the question: how do you choose a siding contractor in Chicago, IL? A simple internet search can bring up a seemingly endless number of options. The key is to contact the solid one. In this matter I can recommend you the best siding contractors in Chicago, IL. But besides that, here are our tips to choosing a siding contractor.

  1. Ask for recommendations. Have friends or coworkers had siding installed? Ask them who did the work and what they thought of the finished product. Recommendations are always a great idea.
  2. If you don’t have recommendations to look into, do an internet search and read the reviews. Reviews are the next best thing to word of mouth recommendations.
  3. Interview candidates. Pick your top three and give them a call. Everyone communicates differently. Make sure that the company you choose works with your communication styles. Make sure they have the proper licensing and insurance. Get an estimate and a time frame.
  4. Hire a siding contractor and enjoy. Once the company is hired, there’s nothing to do but sit back, wait for installation, and enjoy your new siding!

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