How Much Does Roof Installation Cost?

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Roof installation can be a costly process for any homeowner. One of the first questions many people have is how much a roof installation should cost. However, the answer to this question can vary depending on a variety of factors. Some common factors include the size of your roof, the slope of your roof, the materials used, or code requirements. Additionally, homes with chimneys, skylights, or other complicating factors can have higher costs as well. Some roofing materials, like metal or slate, will always be on the more expensive side. However, wood and asphalt tend to be on the lower side of the price range.

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The national average for roof installation is currently about $6,600. However, the factors discussed previously can raise or lower your price. Though roofs can be expensive, most roofs last for at least twenty years, so the investment is worth it for a good quality roof. Always choose one of the roofing companies Naperville, IL homeowners hire on a regular basis. They are hired again and again for good reason. To keep costs down, also ask your roofing contractor if repairs or re-roofing are possibilities for you.


How to Choose the Best Residential Roofing Companies?

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When it comes to finding roofing contractors Chicago trusts for their roofing work, it can be a little overwhelming. The options seem to be endless. Many of the roofing companies are credible, hard-working, high quality companies. However, some of them are not. So how do you find the companies you can trust? We recommend several steps to verify the quality of any roofing company.

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First, we recommend interviewing several companies. By interviewing them you will find out if they are credible by seeing if they return calls or ignore them. You can also get a feel for their communication styles. If they are easy to talk to, that is a plus. If they aren’t, the roofing process may turn out to be difficult. We also recommend asking the companies for references and for proof of insurance. Lastly, checking out reviews is never a bad idea. People will often turn to Yelp or Google+ to vent frustrations with bad companies, or to praise the good ones.


How Do You Choose the Best Roof Replacement Company?

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There are so many roofing companies in Chicago that it can become overwhelming to choose the best one. Especially if you know nothing about roofing, everything can look the same. It is easy to try to narrow the choice down solely to cost. After all, everyone loves a deal, right? But that is by no means the best, or only factor. Today, we have partnered with New Edge Improvement to share some tips of roof replacement Chicago offers.

Tips for choosing roof replacement Chicago homeowners can trust:

  • Inquire about their insurance. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof or call their insurance carrier. Worker’s comp and liability insurance are musts.
  • Get it in writing. Make sure the price and details of the job are written down. This way, you are protected should things not go as stated.
  • Interview them. Call a few contractors. Who is the most communicative? Just because they have rave reviews doesn’t mean they are the best contractor for you. Find someone you trust and communicate with easily.
  • Weigh the price with other factors. Cost is a big consideration, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

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