Re-roofing: What is it? What are the benefits?

A term that is thrown around a lot when talking about roofing work is re-roofing, but many people think it is synonymous with roofing replacement. It is not. In re-roofing, a new layer of shingles is laid down over an already existing roof.

But what are the benefits of this roofing service? There are many. For one, it is relatively quick to perform. Re-roofing does not require the removal of previous roofing materials, like other services require. In re-roofing, a new layer is added, but nothing is removed. It is also relatively inexpensive. You pay for labor and materials, but the period of labor is shorter as materials are not being removed from your home. It is also a way to give an already stable, but faded or discolored roof a makeover. New shingles can help give your house a fresh look.

Re-roofing is not for every roof. If your home has already been re-roofed, it cannot be done again. Also, re-roofing is not a good choice for extreme damages. There are many companies than can provide this service, as well as other roofing related services. For roofing companies Chicago, IL can trust with their re-roofing, look no further.